Why Does Cotton Candy Melt?

  • Date: February 9, 2023
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You might be wondering “Why does cotton candy melt?”

Cotton candy does not actually melt; it dissolves with humidity in the air. It does not melt in your mouth either; cotton candy dissolves in saliva inside the mouth. Cotton candy “melts” in humid temperatures because of its hygroscopic properties, meaning it readily absorbs moisture.

What happens if you leave cotton candy out too long?

If cotton candy is left out in the open air, it will slowly dissolve with moisture. The cotton candy loses its texture and volume as a result of being exposed to humidity. Add heat on top of that and watch your cotton candy cloud shrivel. Cotton candies are made out of many tiny strands of cooled, melted sugar – tinier than strands of hair.

How to keep cotton candy fresh?

Store the cotton candy in an airtight container – Ziploc bags are fine- with a desiccant packet to absorb moisture. I would “double-bag” it as well to help keep out moisture and humidity. Store in a cool and dark place to maximize the shelf-life.

Can you freeze cotton candy?

Freezing cotton candy is one way to preserve cotton candy, which will be especially handy during the summer. However, is it really effective to freeze cotton candy?

The downside is you have to eat the frozen cotton candy as soon as it’s taken out of the freezer. The reason being is that cotton candy will become soggy and sticky when thawed, which is not very appetizing nor easy to eat. This is due to the moisture in the freezer that eventually seeps into the cotton candy.

Remember, humidity is cotton candy’s worst enemy and unfortunately, it is very difficult to keep the two apart.

What does frozen cotton candy taste like?

It tastes just like cotton candy but with a cool, melting sensation on the tongue. This is especially the case with frozen freshly spun cotton candy. With frozen packaged cotton candy, I find sometimes the dense candy is almost like a rock that you lick away at.

Why does cotton candy dissolve in water?

Cotton candy is quite hygroscopic, meaning it easily absorbs moisture from its environment. That is why cotton candy must be sealed for long-term storage. The sugar strands in cotton candy also have a high surface area for moisture to be absorbed.

Raccoon attempts to “wash” cotton candy

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