Can You Freeze Cotton Candy?




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When it comes to preserving cotton candy, chances are that this question has crossed your mind. You can put pretty much any candy in the freezer; the real question is if it’s effective.

When it comes to cotton candy, freezing has little to no effect on the taste or texture. Cotton candy has no moisture in it so there is not much to freeze. If there happens to be any moisture in the cotton candy before freezing, it may end up with hardened clumps of cool cotton candy.

What does freezing cotton candy do?

Aside from having the candy feel slightly cool on the tongue, it does not do much in terms of proper storage.

If there is any trace of moisture in cotton candy, freezing it will condense that moisture along with the candy. This results in clumpy cotton candy.

How to properly store cotton candy?

If your concerns are about storing cotton candy, it is important to package it in an air-tight container. In the freezer, cotton candy is still exposed to moisture if it is not packed and sealed correctly. Remember, moisture is the bane of cotton candy.

To store cotton candy, it is best to keep it sealed in an air-tight container. Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers should suffice normal needs. Ideally, store it in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Pro tip: Throw in a food-grade safe desiccant packet to deal with any extra moisture. This will help with other types of candy that are prone to becoming sticky.

Freezing does not seem to help shelf-life duration; in fact, it may make it worse! In low temperatures, it is easy for moisture in the containers to condense and wick away at the cotton candy.

Is it okay to put cotton candy in the refrigerator?

If the cotton candy is exposed to temperatures of at least 80 degrees, it is probably better off to store it in the refrigerator.

However, there is still going to be moisture so make sure the candy is properly sealed in an air-tight container. You don’t want the cotton candy to absorb moisture (or worse, smells) from general humidity in the refrigerator.

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