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  • Freeze Dry Candy at Home (How to Start)

    Freeze Dry Candy at Home (How to Start)

    If you have never tasted freeze-dried candy in your life, let me tell you, you’re missing out! Most candies can be freeze-dried as a form of dehydration to alter the texture. It ends up as a “puffier” version of the candy with a satisfying crunch or crispiness. The texture is something close to cheesy puffs (without…

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  • 9 Fun Piñata Stuffers For Adults (Sorry Kids!)

    9 Fun Piñata Stuffers For Adults (Sorry Kids!)

    Who says pinatas are just for kids? Are you looking for some pinata fillers that aren’t candy? Add some fun and humor to your next adult party with these 9 funny things to fill a pinata with! You’re not limited to only candy when filling a pinata. From unexpected treats and toys to silly prizes…

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  • Best Snow Cone Machines for Summer Fun

    Best Snow Cone Machines for Summer Fun

    Snow cones are a classic summer treat loved by people of all ages. A refreshing blend of shaved ice and flavored syrup, snow cones are perfect for beating the heat. Making snow cones at home has never been easier, thanks to snow cone machines. These machines allow you to quickly and easily create delicious snow…

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  • Are Fruit Snacks Considered Candy?

    Are Fruit Snacks Considered Candy?

    Growing up, I thought that fruit snacks were a healthier alternative to candy. Little did I know, the boundary between the two was as blurry as a foggy morning. It tastes like candy, smells like candy, and even looks like candy. But… Is it considered candy? What Are Fruit Snacks Made Of? Ever wondered about…

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  • Candies That Start With G

    Are you craving something sweet and delicious that starts with the letter G? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best candies that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more. From gummies to chocolates, we’ve got you covered. One of the most popular candies that start with the letter G…

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  • 9 Candies to Avoid Freeze Drying (And Why)

    9 Candies to Avoid Freeze Drying (And Why)

    Forget the fizzy frenzy of freeze-drying Skittles. I’m here to burst your space-age candy bubble and tell you: some treats just weren’t born for the frosty void. We’ll go over why certain treats aren’t going to change when put inside a freeze dryer. It is important to note that when we say the candy doesn’t…

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  • How to Make Candied Popcorn

    How to Make Candied Popcorn

    Curious about turning regular popcorn into a sweet, crunchy sensation? Brace yourself for a delightful journey into the world of candied popcorn. It’s like giving popcorn a magical makeover – simple yet utterly irresistible. Picture this: those fluffy popcorn pieces adorned with a glossy candy shell, bringing a crunchy indulgence for your taste buds. And…

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  • What Is Seafoam Candy?

    What Is Seafoam Candy?

    Today, we’re diving into the fluffy, cloud-like world of seafoam candy. This isn’t your average sweet treat – it’s an experience. Picture this: a candy that’s as light as air, with a crispy yet bubbly texture that melts in your mouth. The texture of seafoam candy is often described as a cross between marshmallows and…

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