About Me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Gerver, a mother of two kids. I have a passion for making candy, cakes, and everything related to sweets.

I started writing about my first experience when I was in high school. When I was young, there were no online tutorials to learn how to make candies. 

I started making candy as gifts for my family when I was 12 years old and won many “wow, these are so good!” awards.

I’ve taken up jobs at several bakeries and candy stores throughout my life. Let’s just say I have a knack for knowing what makes a great candy.

Candy is my favorite! Sweet or sour – I don’t care. Visit my blog anytime you’re in the mood to read about candy!

By providing top-quality information and products, I hope to help you make your candy-making experience perfect every time.

For comments, questions, business or collaboration inquiries: candyturfcontact@gmail.com

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