9 Fun Piñata Stuffers For Adults (Sorry Kids!)




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Who says pinatas are just for kids? Are you looking for some pinata fillers that aren’t candy? Add some fun and humor to your next adult party with these 9 funny things to fill a pinata with!

You’re not limited to only candy when filling a pinata. From unexpected treats and toys to silly prizes and novelties, these ideas are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

One thing to remember is to make sure the fillers can withstand getting hit or dropped on the ground without breaking.

So grab a bat and get ready to have a blast – these ideas are guaranteed to be a hit at your next party.

What are some fun piñata filler ideas for adults?

1. Mini bottles of alcohol (e.g. mini bottles of wine, vodka, tequila)

Make sure these bottles are plastic. You don’t want glass bottles falling on the ground or shattering from the impact of a bat.

They’re also called miniatures and are sold in most liquor stores. Miniatures are found in hotels, airplanes, and other places for travel.

It is recommended to use a pinata that is easier to break or have padding for the bottles to fall onto. Some plastic miniatures can be cracked (do a drop test beforehand).

2. Scratch cards

Scratch-offs are a fun and exciting option because they add an element of surprise and chance to the party. Who doesn’t enjoy a lil’ bit of gambling? Just don’t be one of those people that scratch it before putting in the pinata.

Guests can try their luck and see if they’ve won a prize or a joke prize.

Lottery tickets also offer a wide range of themes, so you can choose one that fits the theme of your party or matches the interests of your guests.

3. Small gift cards

Small gift cards are a fun and practical option for adult pinatas because they’re easy to use and can be traded among one another.

Whether it’s a gift card to a Starbucks, favorite restaurant, gas station, or an online retailer, a gift card is always exciting to find.

Plus, they’re easy to pack into a pinata, making them a convenient choice. So why wait? Add some gift cards to your adult pinata and watch as people have fun choosing their own prize!

4. Hair Ties

Hair ties in a pinata can be a fun and useful surprise for those with long hair. As hair ties often go missing, an extra bundle of hair ties is a pleasant find when opening a pinata.

Not only are they lightweight, but they’re also a staple in many people’s life. I mean, who doesn’t need a hair tie when their hair is flying all over the place on a windy day?

And let’s not forget about those emergency hair tie situations when you just need to put your hair up ASAP.

5. Chapsticks

Ah, chapstick, the unsung hero of the lip-care world. Who needs a fancy lip balm when you can just use good old chapstick?

A welcome surprise that is not only practical but can withstand the impacts of bashing a pinata. It keeps your lips soft and hydrated. From classic cherry to minty fresh, chapstick has got you covered.

It’s the perfect piñata filler for any adult party. Just imagine the excitement when your friends discover a new tube of chapstick in their piñata loot.

6. Gag Gifts

Gag gifts, the perfect way to make any adult party a little more…interesting. From penis-shaped gummies to fart-scented candles, there’s no shortage of novelty items to choose from.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good laugh at an inappropriate gift? Plus, they make great conversation starters. “Oh, you got a penis-shaped gummy too? Let’s see who can eat it without giggling.”

Perhaps some of your guests would be interested in growing a boyfriend?

7. Gum and Mints

For guests that are not particularly excited about candy, you can be sure that finding gum and mints inside a pinata is the next best thing.

It’s the ultimate way to combat garlic breath after a night of indulging in delicious food.

And let’s not forget about the variety of flavors available. From classic peppermint to fruity flavors that are so good that guests might be tempted to eat the entire pack, gum, and mints have got you covered.

They’re the perfect piñata filler for any adult party. Imagine the joy on your friend’s faces when they discover a fresh pack of gum or mints in their piñata loot.

8. Car Fresheners

Who can resist the thrill of finding such a practical and handy gift amongst the confetti and candy? Car fresheners are a sure way of freshening up somebody’s day.

How many people do you know that leave an old car freshener with no scent in their car still?

Car fresheners are like magic in a tiny package. Plus, they’re super easy to use. Just hang them on your rearview mirror or clip them onto your air vents and let the scent do the rest.

9. Condoms

Amidst the rainbow of sweets, something a little more discreet catches your eye.

You reach in, and your hand closes around a small foil packet. A condom!

Who can resist the thrill of finding such an important and practical item hidden amongst the sugary surprises?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, piñatas are not just for children’s birthday parties. They can also be a fun addition to adult gatherings, such as office parties or adult birthday celebrations.

These 9 funny piñata stuffers for adults will surely bring a smile to the faces of your friends and add a playful touch to your event.

From miniature bottles of alcohol to adult-themed candies and toys, these piñata stuffers are sure to be a hit.

Remember, piñatas aren’t just for kids, they’re for adults too! So, don’t hesitate to add one to your next adult party and watch the fun unfold!

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