Yogos? Where Did They Go?




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What are Yogos?

For those that need an introduction, Yogos are one of the world’s many lost treasures. Bite-sized balls of sweet, fruity goodness that are covered in a hard yogurt coating. If you had a bag of these in school, you were cool.

Those who remember eating Yogos might remember some variations such as the sour ones:

In this yogurty product line, they even came out with Yogos Rollers.

There is a saying in some of their awesome commercials that goes, “Slow go on the Yogos”. Perhaps it is because they are so delicious, they do not last very long.

When were Yogos discontinued?

After being introduced to the shelves in around 2005, Kellogg’s discontinued the Yogos product line around the early 2010s.

Why were Yogos discontinued?

The yogurt fruit snacks were too expensive to produce and ship from the factory to wholesalers to a grocery store near you, so they were discontinued. Why would they “waste” time and money on a product with low-profit margins? Especially when using grain and sugar to make cereals brings a way higher profit margin.

Another issue with Yogos was the potential for spoilage in the yogurt coatings. The oil in the yogurt shell would cause spoilage of the fruit inside. This caused a lot of problems and friction for Kellogg’s supply chain.

Will Yogos ever come back on the shelves?

The last words on Yogos by Kellogg’s remain the same: until further notice, Yogos are indefinitely discontinued.

Despite petitions that are still actively commented on to this day, Kellogg’s stance seems to be firm.

Similar Yogos alternatives

Photo from Amazon

In terms of consistency and taste, Welch’s Fruit’n Yogurt Snacks are a close second. Their version of yogurt fruit snacks is a delicious way to enjoy the taste of (almost) Yogos. They feature a creamy yogurt coating with a chewy strawberry puree center. One bite of these and they melt in your mouth. They may not have the fun packaging and colors of Yogos, but they taste close enough!

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