What Makes Cotton Candy Flavoring Taste the Way It Does?




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Just about everyone has had cotton candy at some point in their life. Cotton candy is often a staple of carnivals and fairs, but it can also be found at other places like amusement parks or even movie theaters!

Then you must know there are a lot of cotton candy-flavored goods made from artificial flavoring.

But what exactly gives this cotton candy flavoring its distinct taste? Cotton candy has an iconic flavor that many people are familiar with: pink vanilla. Though there are several factors that contribute to this in cotton candy flavoring, a major one is ethyl maltol. This additive enhances the cotton candy’s flavor and is commonly used in low-fat food products such as confections. There are other factors including texture which contribute to cotton candy’s distinctive taste too. Find out more about what gives cotton candies their unique flavor and if it is safe to consume!

Ethyl Maltol – An Additive in Cotton Candy Flavorings

What is ethyl maltol?

An artificial flavoring that provides a very light caramel but strong fruity flavor.

Is ethyl maltol safe for consumption?

According to the FDA, ethyl maltol falls under the category “Synthetic flavoring substances and adjuvants”

“Synthetic flavoring substances and adjuvants may be safely used in food in accordance with the following conditions.

(a) They are used in the minimum quantity required to produce their intended effect . . .”

Food and Drug Administration

A very minimal amount of ethyl maltol is needed to enhance the flavoring, therefore it is safe to consume.

Strawberry Furanone

An organic compound that is used for flavoring and aromatic fragrances. At low concentrations, strawberry furanone, otherwise known as furaneol, is known for its strawberry smell.

Related Questions

What gives cotton candy its flavor?

Your favorite carnival staple is a simple combination: sugar, air, and flavoring.

What is the main flavor of cotton candy?

The two iconic colors, blue and pink, corresponds with blue raspberry and pink vanilla flavors.

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