5 Most Popular Japanese Candies and Snacks on Amazon [Ranked]




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Have you got a sweet tooth? Look no further as these Japanese treats will surely satisfy your sweet needs. When it comes to candy, Japan doesn’t mess around! These snacks are known for their novelty and intense flavors.

It’s difficult to find Japanese candy that are exceedingly expensive due to import costs. Luckily, we compiled a list of the best Japanese candies you can buy from Amazon.

1. Hi-Chews – Fruit Flavored

Fruity + Chewy

With over 170 recorded flavors to try, Hi-Chews will never disappoint. This candy has a chew in between Starbursts and chewing gum.

They are individually wrapped so it is easy to throw a few pieces into a lunchbox or purse as a nice snack after a meal.

2. Kanro Pure Gummy Candy

Similar to Sour Patch Kids

These are coated in sugar and citric acid (for sourness) and textured similar to Sour Patch Kids. However, these are slightly chewier with a fruit puree or jelly-like substance in the center. Depending on the flavor, they are more sweet than sour. These gummies seem to always have the right amount of tartness.

3. Hello Panda Cookies – Chocolate Creme Filled

Crunch –> Creamy center

These bite-sized cookies are filled with a chocolate center; it’s hard to stop eating these! Luckily they come in snack-sized proportioned bags.

If chocolate is not your thing, they also come in strawberry, caramel, or vanilla creme fillings.

4. Pocky Covered Biscuit Snack Sticks

Assorted Flavors of Pocky

Meet the original Pocky sticks. These come in individually wrapped packages with bundles of sticks inside. They are highly addicting (in a good way). It’s convenient how one end of the stick is uncovered, leaving your fingertips free of stickiness.

5. Kit Kats – Japanese Exclusive Flavors

Kits Kats need no introduction; these chocolate-covered wafer bars come in many strange, yet delicious flavors such as banana caramel, matcha or caffe latte.

Japanese students often share these Kit Kats among each other as a good luck charm!

Final Thoughts

We hope that after reading this list of popular Japanese snacks, you will feel more familiar with Japanese tradition and their snacks. Are there any other Japanese candies or snacks that you particularly enjoy? Or perhaps you’ve already chosen which Japanese candy you’ll try next. Let us know!

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