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Gummy bears are an iconic candy that most people will recognize. They come in various shapes and sizes, yet they’re all made from the same basic ingredients (usually sugar, water, and gelatin).

So what’s the best way to melt down gummy bears? The most convenient method is by heating in a microwave in 30-second intervals. Other methods include using a pot, double-boiler, or oven. Using a double-boiler setup is probably most effective to melt down gummy bears.

There are many reasons why you might want to melt down your gummy bears. Maybe you’re making homemade lollipops or something similar. Or perhaps you want the gummy pieces for something else entirely! Whatever the reason, these instructions should help you do it easily. You just need a few simple household items and some time.

Melted gummy bears serve as an interesting topping for other sweets and confections. As another use, melting down gummy bears is an excellent base to remold. With the right mold, any size or shape is possible to turn into a gummy.

However, melted gummies are a versatile ingredient. Perhaps you are interested in making your own Nerds ropes. Simply pipe out hot gummy in a tray of Nerds candy and you got yourself some Nerd ropes or clusters.

But what if you want to melt down gummy bears so that you can use them for another purpose? Read on to discover how to melt down gummy candy so you can put it to another use.

Can you melt gummy bears in the microwave?

Try to melt similar colors together. Melting mixed colors of gummy bears can result in an offputting color.

Gummy bears do not take long to melt in the microwave

Yes, using a microwave-safe glass bowl, melt your desired amount of gummy bears in 30-second intervals. It should take several cycles before it is the consistency you want depending on the strength of your microwave.

For a remolding or piping consistency, 2-4 cycles along with some agitation should be enough. To pour into a mold, it should become an almost syrupy consistency. Remember that at this point, it is very hot.

Do not place a hot gummy bear in your mouth until you have a feel for how hot the gummy is. Use a fork or toothpick to feel for the melted gummies’ consistency. As the gummy bears begin to lose their shape, fold them over themselves to distribute the heat. Be extra careful while handling the slowly melted gummies.

How to melt gummy candy on the stove

Use a double-boiler in order to melt down the gummies. This method allows the heat to distribute through the gummy more evenly and reduce the amount of burning. Compared to using a microwave, you have more control over the consistency of the melting gummy candy.

Start at a low heat until the water is close to a boil. Remove the gummies from heat once they are the desired consistency. Keep in mind that the earlier you remove the gummies, the faster they will set again.

Don’t need a fancy double boiler; use a thick glass bowl in a pot.

Do gummy bears melt in the heat?

When exposed to sunlight or a relatively high ambient heat, gummy candies can degrade and become sticky. However, it would take a lot of heat for gummy bears to melt. Even leaving a tray of gummy candy out on a sunny 100°F+ day have proven to melt the gummy candies.


trying to melt GUMMY BEARS in my car in the arizona heat ☀️ #gummybear

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Which gummy bears are best for melting?

Really just about any gummy bear will melt just fine; some may take more heat to melt than others.

Gelatin-based gummy bears will melt more easily than vegan ones (pectin for example). Pectin is a plant-based fiber and makes for a storage-friendly gummy.

Note that most commercial gummy candy includes wax (in the form of carnauba wax) which greatly increases its heat resistance and reduces overall stickiness.

Drying the melted gummy candy

If you want to make a gummy candy that’s firm and ready to eat, you can simply let the melted candy completely dry out when cooling. The hardened candy pieces can then be eaten or used for other things. To speed up the drying process, you can place the gummy pieces in the refrigerator to set for at least 20 minutes.

When heating the gummy, do not go overboard with the heat. Otherwise, it will not set properly again (as a gummy).

What makes gummy candy not stick together?

You may notice that in commercial gummy candy, they hardly stick together. For example, Haribo gummy bears use a coating of carnauba wax and/or beeswax. This gives Haribo gummies shine along with melt-resistance.

For homemade gummy candy that gets sticky, usually its a moisture-content or humidity issue.

Using cocoa butter, a slight coating will prevent gummies from sticking together. It adds a dull sheen to the surface of gummy candy and when set, makes for a firm yet soft-to-bite gummy.

Redditor Snoron | Cocoa butter-coated gummies

This is done by melting cocoa butter to about 94°F and coating the gummies. Set the gummies on a non-stick sheet at 60°F or in the refrigerator. This will allow the gummies to carry a thin layer of cocoa butter that instantly melts when chewed.

Corn starch coating. For gummy bears that are sticking too each other too much, a dusting of corn starch typically does the trick. You can be liberal with starch as long as you sieve off the excess. With a low flavor profile, you won’t really notice the corn starch when tasting the gummies.


As you’ve hopefully discovered, there are a few different ways to melt down gummy bears. You can choose the one that works best for your situation.

However, keep in mind that the texture of the melted gummy will change depending on the method you use. So keep that in mind when deciding on a certain method.

Keep in mind that when you’re melting down gummy candy, you are pretty much turning it into a liquid form. So it will be much more difficult to work with once it’s melted. This means that you might want to use the melted gummy for another project that doesn’t require a lot of manipulation such as pouring it into a mold.

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