Why Is Cotton Candy Pink and Blue?




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Cotton candy can come in just about every pastel color. Typically, you see it in pink and blue.

At its true core, cotton candy is white as the clouds. Cotton candy is made from melted sugar in a spinning reservoir that has many holes in it. The melted sugar is shot out of the holes and quickly cools down to room temperature, leaving long strands of sugary fibers. These fibers are then collected together on a stick or cone into a big fluffy, edible cloud!

Photo by Mariana Kurnyk from Pexels

With the use of food coloring and dyes, the spun cotton candy results in a faded pastel color.

Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels

The 2 flavors that have always monopolized the shelves are blue raspberry and pink vanilla (or “bubble gum”). Blue raspberry cotton candy is so popular that the flavor profile shifted to many other foods. Not just foods but things like flavored toothpaste for kids.

Think of how many cotton candy-flavored candies there are!

Cotton Candy Dum Dums

Something about the pink and blue is just iconic to cotton candy itself.

Adding colors to cotton candy adds another level of fun to eating them!

Now tell me, do the colors not pop and catch your eye?

Plain white cotton candy is boring.

If you were selling cotton candy at a big event, you would want many different colors of cotton candy in order to capture people’s attention.

I mean look how beautiful the layers of colors are!

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