How to Sneak Candy Into the Movies [Without Getting Caught]

  • Date: September 22, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Kids: How are we going to sneak candy into the movies?

Dad: Well, I got a few Twix up my sleeve.

We are all familiar with the outrageous prices that movie theatres charge for confections and other snacks. Or maybe they just don’t carry your favorite type of candy.

You can bring your own candy into the movie theatres for a fraction of the cost (and a little bit of stealth).

Most places won’t check your bag thoroughly or pat you down, as long as it’s not glaringly obvious you’re hiding something.

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes. You are responsible for your own actions (duh).

5 Practical Ways to Sneak Candy Into Movie

1. Use a purse or tote bag

Make sure to place the snacks at the bottom and then cover it with other normal items such as tissues.

2. Bring in a blanket

Movie theaters can be really chilly inside, so it’s not all that suspicious bringing in a blanket.

Simply place the snacks inside the blanket and fold it over itself a couple of times.

3. Hide it in your sleeves

With long sleeve shirts, it is easy to sneak in a couple of snacks. As long as it’s not bulging out of your arms in an obvious way, most security guards won’t care to check. They might even know what you’re doing anyways.

4. Tuck away in a scarf

5. Bring an umbrella on a rainy day

3 Fun Ways to Sneak Candy Into Movies

1. Broken Limb Method

An arm cast is a decent way to hide a candy bar or two. It’s pretty easy to pretend your arm is broken too; just don’t move it (too much).

2. Hiding in a Hat

While you may not be able to fit much, a hat can bring in a bag of candy without too much hassle.

Just be careful about shaking your head too much.

3. Fake pregnant belly

A genius idea. I mean, who is really going to ask a woman to lift their shirt and reveal their stomach?

Credit: @AngelaBrisk

As long as you’re not jumping around, making candy packaging sounds, this idea is quite fool-proof.

What happens if you get caught sneaking candy?

Double-check your local movie theater, but most places cannot legally stop you from bringing food into the theater. However, employees have every right to kick you out if you are not abiding by their rules of conduct.

You could also just try another movie theater. In my experience, most workers don’t really care if you bring in snacks. Just don’t be super obvious about it and flaunt it.

Don’t be bitter and litter

Cleaning up after trash that is left by patrons bringing in outside food and beverages irritates movie theater staff. If you’re going to sneak in snacks into the movies, at least clean up after yourselves.

Most of a movie theater’s revenue comes from their concessions so it’s already hard for them to stay profitable.

Maybe if they didn’t charge crazy prices for snacks, people would be less inclined to sneak in candy.

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